K-5 Specialists

Tim Demco, Technology/Media Specialist


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Mr. Demco joined St. Ambrose in 2000 as our Technology and Media Specialist as well as our Athletic Director. Prior to joining SAW, he had the pleasure of teaching junior high English, literature, math, social studies, and computers and science at various schools in the Twin City Metro area since his career began in 1992. In addition, Mr.Demco held various coaching positions in a number of sports including high school football, baseball, volleyball, and softball. He keeps his officiating skills sharp by refereeing in the Minnesota State High School League, the Catholic Athletic Association, the cities of St. Paul and West St. Paul. Mr. Demco earned a B.A. from Winona State University and a Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning from Saint Mary’s University.

His love of sports initially motivated Mr. Demco to become a teacher. Fueled by the desire to teach English and to coach, Mr. Demco pursued his career in education uncovering a new passion, technology. Mr. Demco feels blessed to have a role in the Saint Ambrose community that combines his love of teaching and interest in technology.

Mr. Demco recognizes students want to learn and be successful. When students spend time in a classroom or on the field with Mr. Demco, his goal is to instill them with the skills and habits each day that lead to learning, success, and independence. His favorite lesson to teach is Microsoft PowerPoint computer software. Something wonderful happens in his classroom when students help develop each other’s skills. This interaction and enthusiasm between students ignites the curriculum. Students gain momentum while transferring the knowledge of this software program to the ensuing lessons. Mr. Demco creates an environment of productivity and consideration of others in the computer lab and the library.

“While kids may like different things, have different experiences and have various talents, they share the desire to one day be independent and self sufficient. Our role is to nurture them toward their adulthood and self sufficiency by modeling mature work habits, fostering mutual respect, practicing our faith, and developing the academic skills they will need for high school and beyond. I like being at Saint Ambrose, a Catholic school in a strong community with good people. I really feel like I belong here as a valued and trusted member of the Saint Ambrose family.” - Tim Demco

Josie Bertsch, Grades 5-8 Band Teacher


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Influenced by her experience with great band teachers, the joy of sharing her own musical gifts, and her love of children, Josie Bertsch developed a career teaching music. Mrs. Bertsch earned her B.M. in music education from South Dakota State University and complemented that with graduate credit in Saxophone Performance from the University of Colorado. Mrs. Bertsch began her teaching career in 1995 as a band teacher in New Ulm Minnesota, Chamberlain South Dakota, and Eau Claire Wisconsin. Joining St. Ambrose in 2007, Mrs. Bertsch likes teaching in a Catholic School because the classroom can openly celebrate and praise God, speak about Catholic faith, and pray together. She also values the wonderful people at St. Ambrose: students, parents, and faculty!

Mrs. Bertsch strives to create a safe, comfortable, and positive environment where students may pursue musical excellence through practice and self discipline. Though bands play together as a team, Mrs. Bertsch encourages each student as an individual musician as well. Whether a student is performing as part of the band or solo, Mrs. Bertsch wants the students to give the music their best effort, never give up, and ensures practice will yield improvements.

In her spare time, Mrs Bertsch enjoys swimming, tennis, pets, movies and music. She attends music concerts from all genres and performances by all types of performers which enhances her knowledge and experiences when teaching students. As a musical performer herself, she is better able to coach her students through the performance experience.

“Working with grades 5-8 St. Ambrose of Woodbury Band students is the best job in the world! It’s challenging, entertaining, and always fulfilling!” - Josie Bertsch

Daryl Erickson, Music Instructor Grades K-5


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Daryl Erickson has been with St. Ambrose of Woodbury from its inception in 2000. Mr. Erickson holds a B.S. in Vocal Music and a minor in Instrumental Music from Bemidji State University and has worked in graduate studies at the University of Minnesota and Hamline University. He shares his talents daily by exploring the the joys of music with the students. He has dedicated his musical gifts from God to bringing joy to others. Whether he is singing with the Minnesota Opera, conducting with Macalester College’s Festival Choral, or teaching students at St. Ambrose,Mr. Erickson is motivated by creativity.

Teaching in a Catholic school affords Mr. Erickson the opportunity to teach music in the fullest sense, blending faith and talent. He asserts music is something everyone can enjoy and participate in at any level. The sweet sounds of his kindergarten through 5th grade students are showcased twice a year, Christmas and Grandparents Day. Performance is supported in the classroom with a foundation of respect for one another and creativity which encourage each student to participate during class and at programs.

“Each student is a gift from God. Each student is different, no two are alike. It is inspiring to see students develop during their time at St. Ambrose, to discover who they are, to see what they do with what they have been given is a wonder to behold.” - Daryl Erickson

Meg May, Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Spanish Teacher#

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Meg May teaches Spanish to Saint Ambrose’s Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders, and has experience teaching Spanish at both the high school and elementary school level. Mrs. May is a graduate of the College of Saint Benedict and has degrees in Spanish and Secondary Education.

Mrs. May likes to teach her students and collaborate with them so they can reach their best potential, all within a classroom that is positive, joyful and Christ-like in manner. She works hard to create a learning environment that is loving, energetic, welcoming and engaging. Mrs. May decided to become a teacher because of her love of children. She enjoys people, but she also really feels a call to use her gifts to help others. Mrs. May loves being a part of the Saint Ambrose school community. She taught at the school for quite some time, left for a period of time, and then returned. She is thrilled to be back and found she really missed the loving, nurturing environment of Saint Ambrose. She loves working with the other teachers and staff, and finds the parents to be outstanding and supportive.

When she is not teaching Spanish at Saint Ambrose, Mrs. May loves exercising, baking, reading and trying new things. She feels it’s important to let students know that it’s okay to try things. Even though it’s not always comfortable, she believes that great things happen when we venture outside of our comfort zones.

“What I have learned from working with students is that the true honesty and joy that children exude is absolutely marvelous!” - Meg May

Mary Spohr-Barilla, Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Physical Education


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Mary Spohr-Barilla received her B.S. in K-12 Physical Education from the University of Minnesota. She taught K-2 Physical Education for eight years at a parochial school in St Paul, and also assisted with Athletics while she was in that position. She has additional experience working as a physical therapy assistant.

Mrs. Spohr-Barilla decided to go into education because she wanted to help children learn about their bodies and to teach them how to be healthy for a lifetime. She believes that bodies are made to move! So, she introduces students to several ways to move their bodies, both with and without equipment. She also likes to show students how their bodies work. By creating an environment where students are excited about learning, she hopes to make them feel comfortable enough to try new things. She wants her students to work hard and always do their best. Her favorite lesson to teach is rope jumping because it can be done at a very beginning level with one person and one rope, or at a more advanced level with multiple ropes and multiple people – it can be used as a lifetime skill for fun and for fitness!

One of the reasons Mrs. Spohr-Barilla is attracted to Catholic schools is that she can talk about God with her students, especially when it comes to conversations about sportsmanship. (Why do we do our best, play fairly and have good attitudes about winning and losing if not for the glory of God?) Mrs. Spohr-Barilla loves being active – especially outdoors! She enjoys playing tennis and riding her bike and recently completed a sprint distance triathlon. She hopes to be a good role model for her students by being physically active outside of school.

“One of my favorite parts about working with students in the early elementary grades is the excitement they have when they learn something new. I want them to always remember to have that love of learning and excitement with new discoveries.” - Mary Spohr-Barilla

Bruce Whynott, 3rd Grade - 8th Grade Physical Education and Athletic Director


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Bruce Whynott has a Bachelor of Physical Education, with a minor in Geography, as well as a Physical Education Specialist Certification and a Masters of International Education (School Leadership) degree. His past experience includes working as a physical education and health teacher for 10 years at the secondary school level. He also has a passion for coaching and has an extensive background coaching many sports including volleyball, basketball, soccer and track and field.

Mr. Whynott works hard to ensure his students develop a love for being physically active. He feels it is important for students to understand that physical education can and will play an important role in their health and wellness, which will impact their future. He believes that if students love being physically active now, then that passion will continue into their adulthood. Besides teaching kids to love being active, Mr. Whynott also wants to create an environment where kids feel safe. He wants students to feel confident to try new activities without worrying that someone will make fun of them if they’re not successful – if you never make mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough! Mr. Whynott loves the beginning of the school year when the class gets to know each other, learn the rules and discover his expectations for class. He enjoys teaching through games and feels students welcome games and often learn without even knowing what they are learning. He also works hard to teach students about sportsmanship and how they can live that lesson every day.

Mr. Whynott loves being part of Saint Ambrose and feels one of the best aspects of being a teacher at a Catholic school is the ability to foster the love of God in lessons. Instilling qualities of fair play, sportsmanship and the acceptance of others for who they are seamlessly links to the values afforded in a Catholic education. He also enjoys being involved in the school community and enjoys participating in the full variety of events offered at Saint Ambrose – not just those related to sports .

“I have learned that when working with students, a teacher needs to understand the impact he/she has on students. Small things that teachers do can often make a lasting memory in students’ minds. It is not only the lesson plans and formal education that impact students; it is also the hallway greetings, being an ear to listen or shoulder to support, participation in extracurricular activities, words of encouragement, etc. I cherish the times when students come up to me and say, ‘Remember when …’.” - Bruce Whynott

Beth Salmon, Special Education


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Beth Salmon began her tenure at Saint Ambrose in 2000 teaching first grade. Prior to that, she had taught a variety of grades in the St. Paul area. Beth received her Elementary Degree from the College of St. Catherine, an MA from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, an ELL Certificate and a K-12 Reading License both from The University of St. Thomas. She has always known she wanted to be a teacher. She loves how excited children are about learning and credits them with making coming to work each day incredible. Teaching in a Catholic school allows Beth to be able to help form a religious, as well as an academic and social education for each child. She firmly believes that helping children realize that they are not alone in this world, and that God is with them in their journey, is imperative to their success. Beth strives to create a safe and comfortable environment that facilitates an excitement to learn. By helping children learn to appreciate individual differences and encouraging them to reach their potential, students often reach their goal of getting a little bit better each day. Her students appreciate the saying, “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

Beth enjoys art, music, traveling, reading, learning about different cultures, and continuing her own education.

“Children don’t forget! They also love everything! Children make each day exciting and fun. I have yet to experience a dull moment.” – Beth Salmon