First Grade

Theresa Hulit, First Grade

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Theresa Hulit comes to Saint Ambrose with experience teaching 1st and 2nd grades at a parochial school in Saint Paul. She received her B.A. in Elementary Education from the College of Saint Scholastica, with a minor is Psychology. She also has an M.A. in K-12th Grade Reading Instruction, which she earned at Saint Thomas.

Ms. Hulit comes from a family of teachers and coaches and has always enjoyed working with children.She likes to think of her teaching philosophy as a tripod – with the three legs being the student, parents and teacher. She feels it is important that each leg does its part to work together, so the student can have the most successful year possible. She wants all of her students to love coming to school every day, so she strives to create a happy, fun and exciting atmosphere where students can feel safe taking risks and trying new things. Ms. Hulit loves teaching students to work together as a team and feels this is a skill they will use throughout their lives in many different ways.

Ms. Hulit loves being part of a Catholic school and enjoys helping her students see God all around them in their daily lives. She also loves to introduce them to Catholic social teachings. When she’s not at school, Ms. Hulit enjoys reading, animals and photography.

“You can never fully predict what the day will bring. I am not only the teacher, but the learner too!” - Theresa Hulit

Emily Anderson, First Grade


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Emily Anderson studied at the University of Saint Thomas, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Family Studies.

Mrs. Anderson knew she wanted to become a teacher while she was in college because she loved working with children. She strives to create an environment of respect, safety and honesty in her classroom and wants students to feel comfortable at school and accepted. She believes that when students feel comfortable, trusted and respected- they are in an environment that will help them learn.

Mrs. Anderson is blessed to be a member of the Saint Ambrose School community and feels the students, staff and parents are the best part of being a Catholic educator. She loves sharing a common faith and belief system with the students in her classroom. When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Anderson loves to be outside: paddling, hiking, biking and camping. She has spent many years volunteering at “Celebrate Me Week”- a camp for 7th graders that gives students tools to recognize self-worth, uncover or form their values and combat peer pressure. She is passionate about bringing these ideas into her classroom.

“What I have learned from working with students is that they really do remember how they are treated and the environment that a teacher creates and the students contribute to in the classroom. They are so impressionable, and if I can cultivate a love for learning at an early age, that will affect their attitude towards school as they grow older.” - Emily Anderson

Erin Norrell, First Grade


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Erin Norrell received her B.S. in Education from Western Michigan University and her Master of Education from St. Mary’s University. Her past experience includes teaching first and second grades at a parochial school in Wisconsin.

Mrs. Norrell has known since first grade that she wanted to become a teacher. She attributes that to the amazing elementary teachers she had growing up that made her want to be just like them. Mrs. Norrell has many favorite lessons to teach in her classroom, but the teaching moments she loves best are when the “lightbulb” comes on for a child and she can see a student understand a new concept. She believes that all students can learn when teachers provide the tools for them, and she works to create a classroom environment of caring where students can become people of positive character and life-long learners.

Mrs. Norrell loves being a part of a Catholic school and enjoys being able to talk to her students about her own faith journey as she helps guide them on theirs. She also enjoys reading, scrapbooking, attending music concerts and spending lots of time with her husband, Mike and their dog, Sy, and cat, Lucy.

“Every day is different and being prepared, but flexible, is the most important teaching skill I have in my bag of tricks!”

- Erin Norrell