Sixth Grade

Teresa Gallagher, Sixth Grade


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Mrs. Gallagher joined the staff of St. Ambrose in 2000. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of St. Thomas, her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota and her Master’s from St. Mary’s University. Mrs. Gallagher feels she was born to be a teacher and can’t imagine a more rewarding job. Learning is very important to her.

She tries to gain an awareness of each student’s experiences, attitudes, learning styles and needs, so she can make a greater positive impact on their education. She believes it is important to provide a wide array of learning experiences and activities that address these components. She strives to create a learning environment that is comfortable, safe, happy and fun. She likes to see her students having opportunities to work together and learn from each other. She loves teaching math in the middle school!

Mrs. Gallagher enjoys being part of a Catholic school and feels it’s great to be able to pray with her students and bring God into every aspect of their daily life. She feels St. Ambrose truly is a family. In her time away from school, she enjoys running, biking, rollerblading, kayaking, golf, and spending time with her family.

“Sixth graders are capable of so many things! They will really amaze you with their knowledge, experiences, interests and insights!” – Teresa Gallagher

Pat Herzog, Sixth Grade


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Pat Herzog started teaching at St. Ambrose in 2000. He has a B.A. in Social Studies, with a minor in Education, from Hamline University. Mr. Herzog also has a Master of Curriculum and Instruction, with an emphasis in Technology, from St. Mary’s University, Winona. His past experience includes various teaching positions, working in food service and coaching and refereeing youth soccer. As a Social Studies and Religion teacher, Mr. Herzog’s goal is to not only teach about the Old Testament and ancient civilizations but to personalize and identify the lessons from the past. He wants to help students connect the curriculum to their lives so they can understand the role Catholicism has played in our society and apply this knowledge as they grow their faith and build their citizenship.

Mr. Herzog strives to create a “comfortably uncomfortable” environment in the classroom. By creating a safe learning environment he hopes students will be more willing to step out of their comfort zone so greater learning can take place. Early on, Mr. Herzog found he had a calling to be a teacher because he loves to share his knowledge with others and help them learn. Mr. Herzog loves teaching at St. Ambrose. He finds the students are energetic, caring and respectful; the parents are supportive and involved; the staff is friendly, wise and dedicated and there are opportunities to grow. In his free time Mr. Herzog enjoys reading just about everything, traveling, keeping up with current technology and volunteering.

“Teaching 6th grade has taught me that I am not the only teacher in the room! Everyday I learn about social studies, religion and life from my students. They love to share when given the opportunity. Also, parents should know that 6th graders learn, and know, more than they are willing to admit!” – Pat Herzog

Emily Seeger, Sixth Grade English and Literature

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Emily Seeger, Sixth Grade Language Arts

Mrs. Seeger joined the Saint Ambrose junior high staff in 2016. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is completed her Master of Arts in Teaching at Hamline University. Before coming to Saint Ambrose, Ms. Seeger worked at Holy Family Academy in Saint Louis Park as the school’s librarian/study skills/technology teacher. She also performed a year of service at Cretin-Derham Hall working with the school’s campus ministry.

Mrs. Seeger’s enjoyment of working with young people helped her make the decision to have a career in education. She works hard to create an inviting and safe environment in her classroom, for every student who walks through her door. She hopes to foster an environment that encourages self-discovery and growth. Some of her favorite classroom activities include group discussions where she can listen to how students analyze literature and make it relevant in their own lives. She particularly enjoys teaching in a Catholic school because of the sense of faith that unites the entire community.

When she’s not teaching, Ms. Seeger enjoys being active and spending time outdoors. She also enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with friends and family. She loves to read, and hopes to encourage that same love of reading in her students by acting as a resource to help them find books that really excite them.

“Students have the ability to teach me more than I ever thought possible. I have learned that students are resilient and creative.” – Emily Seeger

Kristen Jorgensen, Sixth Grade Science/K-8 STEM


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Ms. Jorgensen joined the staff at Saint Ambrose in 2016. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Iowa, and has experience with Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 5th grade students. Before joining the 4th grade team, Ms. Jorgensen worked at the Primrose School of Woodbury and also as a reading and math tutor. Additionally, she was a volleyball coach for elementary and junior high school girls.

She decided to become a teacher because of the teachers she had…at Saint Ambrose! Ms. Jorgensen admired their teaching styles and it made her want to emulate them. One of the subjects she loves teaching her students is math. She enjoys watching them think through mathematical processes as they work to understand a new math concept. Her favorite thing about being part of a Catholic school is the sense of community and the respect, compassion, honesty and global awareness that students are taught.

Ms. Jorgensen believes that students can learn and grow academically in a safe environment, where they are respected and encouraged to do their best. So that she can meet the needs of all learners, she uses a variety of teaching strategies. Ms. Jorgensen wants learning to be fun and exciting in her classroom, with students wanting to learn more. She works hard to create a positive and welcoming environment in her classroom and wants students to understand that making mistakes are part of learning. Her interests outside of teaching include reading and volleyball.

“Each student is an individual with different learning styles. As a teacher, I must adapt to what will help them learn the best.”

– Kristen Jorgensen