Kris Woolsey



Welcome to Saint Ambrose of Woodbury Catholic School - Junior High English and Literature! On this page, you will find a brief overview of the content students will learn in in my classes. There is also a link to my email (above) if you would like to contact me. Your comments and questions are welcomed!

If you are a student or parent and want to find current assignments and daily lessons in English and Literature 8 and/or Honors 8 English/Literature, please visit my Gradebook Wizard site: www.gradebookwizard.com


English 8

Students in English 8 will focus on effective communication. To do this, students write in a variety of formats, study important writing traits, and work on the mechanics and conventions of writing. The major objectives of this course can be found in the MN State Standards for Language Arts and Writing, and Core Curriculum standards.


Literature 8

Students in Literature 8 will read a variety of literature. They will be challenged to analyze what they have read in writing, in small group discussions, and in presentations. Students will consider the messages in major media and learn how to interpret them. The major objectives of this course can be found in the MN State Standards in Reading and Core Curriculum standards.

Honors 8 - English and Literature

Students in the Honors 8 courses will study the MN State Standards in Language Arts, Writing, and Reading at an advanced and challenging level and pace. The course is designed to allow students to work independently on high-interest writing and reading activities, and there is an application process for entrance into the class each May that is open to all 7th graders.